How do you organise?

How do you organise the large amount of plugs, cords, headphones, keys, toiletries, pens, tablets and the like? How do you protect them against bumps, drops, rain, sand and other hazards? Kiezels designs bag organisers and accessories that keep your things neatly organised and protected while you're on-the-go. Our bags, pouches and accessories help you to organise and protect your luggage, devices and accessories in a catchy manner.



The founder and owner

My name is Rosanne van den Enk. I'm an industrial designer from Amsterdam. From my work as a business developer at the Mijksenaar design agency, the desire to start my own business slowly grew. Finally in spring 2013, I decided to launch my own business, I started Kiezels. Now I do what I love best, working with fine materials, designing, working along with other designers and producers looking for beautiful and useful solutions.

See you soon!

Rosanne van den Enk
Owner and director of kiezels





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See you soon!

See you soon!